Who is the Morrison Family?

For more than 80 years, the Morrison Family has been deeply rooted in the Town of Gilbert, growing cotton, corn, and alfalfa on its 3,000 acre farm, as well as producing milk at its innovative dairy, with a herd of 13,000 cows on site. Today, three generations of the Morrison family are actively associated with transitioning this land into Morrison Ranch, a community that hearkens back to its agricultural roots while actively promoting community amongst the residents.

Young Howard and Leatha Morrison trekked a thousand miles west from Oklahoma in the early 1920s, only to find that times were just as tough for dirt farmers in Arizona. Even so, they dug their roots deep into the small farming town of Gilbert. They humbly cleared land for others before finally acquiring a parcel for themselves - and their new family: Marvin, Kenneth, and Betty. The rest is history.

Home of Howard and Leatha Morrison

Marvin and Kenneth Morrison

Over the decades, Marvin and his wife June, in partnership with Kenneth and his wife Lela, transformed the family's small landholdings into one of the East Valley's biggest farming operations, including several square miles of cropland and one of the world's largest dairy farms, as well as one of Arizona's largest ranching businesses (grazing cattle on over 400 square miles of state and leased land stretching from Flagstaff to the Verde River). Although Kenneth and Lela, as well as Marvin, have passed away, the Morrison Family legacy remains. Representing the fourth generation, Kenneth's grandsons Dustin and Denton, along with their wives and children, continue to actively manage the family's farming and ranching operations, in Gilbert as well as Painted Rock and Cottonwood. Kenneth's daughter Dawnie and her husband Justin keep the dairy at the forefront of the industry, milking over 7,000 cows three times daily, while growing and raising replacement heifers on site. Agriculture will always be deeply valued and honored by the Morrison family.

Over the years, the Morrison family has earned a reputation, not only for superior products and honest business practices, but for honoring the land as well. All three of these qualities remain integral to the development of Morrison Ranch.

During the past 23 years of Morrison Ranch's growth, third generation cousins Richard, Glen, and Dale have all participated in varying degrees. Third generation family members Dawnie and Justin Stewart, Howard Morrison, and Scott Morrison have been deeply involved in planning and implementing the master plan, carefully honoring the family's past while thoughtfully directing its future.