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There’s no mistaking a Morrison Ranch neighborhood. Vehicle traffic is slowed along wide, residential parkways and tree-lined streets, where set back sidewalks and broad expanses of grass encourage residents to walk, jog, or bike from home to school or work. From the moment you move into your home in Morrison Ranch, you will realize that it is a different kind of community. You may have even said it to others as you contemplated your move, noting the white two-rail fences, the shade trees, or the large green belts. But actually living in the neighborhood will introduce you to all the small details that contribute to the feel of community. The value placed on pedestrians, being able to walk to your children's soccer practices at the end of your street, the ease of riding your bike to the grocery store for a gallon of milk, or attending one of our community activities such as Youth Fishing Day or the Fall Festival - all proclaim that a Morrison Ranch neighborhood is designed with the resident in mind. For a complete list of the occupied and thriving neighborhoods within Morrison Ranch, check out the Master Plan Overview.

Heritage Day
Kids on Slide
Fishing At the Lake

What's Building

The vision for Morrison Ranch continues to come to life with each new neighborhood. Listed below are those neighborhoods which are currently under construction and/or now selling. For more information about floor plans and lot availability, contact the home builders.

Lakeview Trails Southwest

Lakeview Trails is the Ranch's largest residential neighborhood, split into three sections: north, southwest, and southeast. All three phases of Lakeview Trails will eventually be part of one integrated whole. Lakeview Trails Southwest is under construction, with homes anticipated to be available in mid 2018.

To the west of the neighborhood lies Morrison Ranch Town Center. No other Ranch residents have such direct access to Town Center as those living in Lakeview Trails, thanks to the extensive greenbelt and trail system that runs throughout the neighborhood.




Quail Park

Quail Park is an assisted living and memory care community located in the heart of Morrison Ranch. It is beautifully located next to the Town Center North Lake. Its own landscape compliments and adds to the Morrison Ranch landscape around it. Its architecture as well blends with Morrison Ranch Town Center.

Quail Park Rendering
Desert Place House

Desert Place

Desert Place is the only Morrison Ranch residential neighborhood located within the City of Mesa. Therefore, no reclaimed water will be available for landscape irrigation. The entire community does, however, offer all the same landscape, recreation and urban design concepts typical of Morrison Ranch projects.

From Guadalupe Road and Sossaman Road, Desert Place has wide landscaped setbacks with groves of Sisso trees and green leafed shrubs. Within Desert Place there is a large north/south open space and recreation system featuring tot lots, shade structures, play courts and recreation facilities for all ages of residents. The central recreation facility has a generous area for small or large gatherings and community events. All homes are connected to the recreation areas by sidewalks and trails. Highland Junior High is located to the west of Desert Place and has its own separate pedestrian trail connecting the two projects.

Ashton Woods

Warner Groves

Warner Groves is the western end of Bloomfield Parkway, the southern most parkway of Morrison Ranches’ three unique east/west parkways. At the heart of the neighborhood, tot lots and recreation facilities occur on both sides of the parkway giving all the residents convenient access to the open space and recreation facilities. Residents will have direct access to a small neighborhood shopping center at the corner of Higley and Warner roads, as well as direct access to Morrison Ranch Town Center, located just across the street. Residential lots range in size from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet.

Ashton Woods

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